Product Review: Chamois Butt'r

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chafing has always been one of my problems when running. I usually experience it on my inner thighs (because I don't wear compression tights, just running shorts), and on the skin that touches the elastic hemline of my sports bra. It's a sign that I really, really need to lose weight! Ugh. Chafing is really painful, mind you, especially when taking a shower. But what I really hate about it is that the pain comes to point that it slows me down during long runs. I even cried once because of the pain.

In comes Chamois Butt'r. I discovered it while I was shopping for energy gels in Secondwind Running Store in Ortigas. It is actually designed for cyclists so they can apply it on the lining of their cycling bottoms to soothe chafed skin and improve riding comfort. But I was informed by the guy at the store that he uses it when he's running; to be applied directly on the area that is prone to chafing. He said it can last for up to six hours (great for marathons!) and that it has helped him through a lot of races. So with that testimony, I decided to purchase a 9ml sample tube just to give it a try. 

The first time that I used it, I applied a generous amount on my inner thighs. At first, it felt cold. Yes, cold but not uncomfortable, and it goes away after a few minutes. While running, instead of the painful rubbing of skin on skin, I actually felt the skin on my inner thighs glide against each other with ease and comfort. I used it during my last running event, and I think it was one of the things that helped me break my personal best. No, seriously. Because like I said, chafing tends to slows me down. And with Chamois Butt'r, there was no pain and irritation caused by friction to do that. 

I really like this product, and now, I use it every weekend during my long runs. It is non-greasy, and it is odor free. It is parabens and gluten free. It washes off easily with soap and water.  It is so effective that I no longer experience chafing during long runs. Also, it softens and soothes already-chafed and irritated skin. I would highly recommend Chamois Butt'r for runners and athletes who has the same problems as myself. The 9ml sample tube costs Php.65 (if you want to give it a try) while the large 8oz tube costs around Php.800. and it is available in all Secondwind Running Stores. Do check it out there. :)

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