Karenderia Aligato

Thursday, February 15, 2018

From a pricey Japanese restaurant, let's me now take you to one that's very budget friendly. Karenderia Aligato is not your typical hole-in-the-wall food place. This place offers close-to-authentic Japanese food that would hardly make a dent in your wallet.

With meals below Php100, except for the bento box which will set you back by Php120, the food is definitely a bang for your buck.
Shoyu Ramen - Php90
 Bento Box - Php120
Oyakodon - Php90

The Shoyu Ramen comes in a generous bowl of noodles in soy-based soup topped with half an egg, two thin slices of pork, nori or seaweed, two slices of negi, and sliced scallions. The soup was very tasty and the noodles were well-cooked. And while they could have added more toppings, the ramen overall was good so I'm not really complaining. The Bento Box has rice, chicken teriyaki, pork tonkatsu, and tamagoyaki. The teriyaki was very good as it had a good balance of sweet and savory. Oyakodon is basically just a chicken and egg rice bowl. The chicken slices and egg were cooked by simmering them together in a kind of soup, seasoned with soy sauce and mirin, and then served on top of rice. Apart from ramen, oyakodon is one of my go-to orders at Japanese restaurants and Karenderia Aligato's version did not disappoint. 

Everything was just for Php300 total but I felt like it was so much more value for money. I would definitely recommend Karenderia Aligato for your Japanese food cravings. It is located along Bonifacio St. in Bangkal, Makati, just near Evangelista St. 

Delicious food. Pretty quick service. Friendly staff. However, the best part about this place (for me), is that it's so close to where I live that I can practically eat there everyday. :D