Friday, April 25, 2014

I've been wanting to try IHOP ever since I've heard about it. IHOP or International House of Pancakes is a US-based breakfast restaurant that first opened in Los Angeles, California in 1958. It's first branch in the Philippines opened in February of 2013 and since then, it has captured the hearts and tastebuds of food lovers out there. Many people said that the food is superb. But I've also been hearing that they're priced way too high and that I could pretty much order the something somewhere else for a less expensive amount. It took me while before I gave in to my curiosity.

I finally got to try IHOP just a couple of weeks ago and before I give you my verdict, let me first show you some photos of what I ordered.
 Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes - Php.255
Simple and Fit Simply Chicken Sandwich - Php.295

The Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes is basically chocolate overload in a couple of huge pancakes. It was truly delicious especially when paired with maple syrup. My aunt, who was with me that day, suggested that I try the strawberry syrup but I really prefer the classics. The Simple and Fit Simply Chicken Sandwich is made of grilled chicken bread with fresh tomatoes and lettuce on a grilled bun. It is served with a small cup of fresh fruits. I thought the sandwich was okay and that there was nothing really special about it. It was too big and hefty. In my opinion, it was no different from other chicken sandwiches I've tasted. In fact, some of them were even better than this one. 

Overall, I still had a good experience at IHOP. I would definitely come back for the pancakes but not for the chicken sandwich. But I wouldn't mind giving their other sandwiches a try. While it is true that the items on the menu are pricey, the servings are big that you can have 'em for sharing. Also, they have very good service. The waiters are friendly and accommodating, and they would occasionally check on you to see if you need anything or to ask how your food is. 

IHOP currently has four branches in the following locations: The Fort, SM Mall of Asia, UP Town Center, and Century City Mall. If you haven't been there yet, I suggest you head over to the branch near you and order some of their sumptuous pancakes. They're definitely worth it. For more information, just check out their website here.

Outbreak Missions

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Admit it, you've imagined at least once what it would be like if the zombie apocalypse happens. And admit it, that you are a fan of the TV series The Walking Dead. Or if not, you've seen at least one zombie movie. Because for some reason, a lot of people find zombies both scary and fascinating. We have pop culture and social media to blame for that.

I, for one, have had dreams about the zombie apocalypse. I am not kidding! I guess I've been watching too much zombie and horror movies that time. Anyways, just recently, I had my zombie dreams come true thanks to Outbreak Manila. For those who don't know, Outbreak Manila is a hit running event where zombies come into play. Basically, participants were given "lives" in the form of flags that are tied around their waists and the aim of the game is to stay alive. Meaning, do not let the zombies your flags. 

Outbreak Missions happened on the 5th of April in Intramuros, Manila. This time, Outbreak Manila gives a twist to Outbreak Missions by adding some weird characters, a plot, and of course, a mission that you need to accomplish, all while doing your best to stay alive. I joined it with JC and with some of my Pinoy Fitness friends. Here are some photos.
 race kits, courtesy of Thirdy
zombies and more zombies
 studying the route during the start of our mission
me, trying to dodge a zombie
all 4 photos above were taken from Outbreak Manila's Facebook page
photos taken after the mission, credits to Sir Vahl of  Team aRUNkada

It was a cool event. It provided a nice change of pace from the usual running events where all we do is just run. Here, we walked and treaded carefully around the zombies that just stood on the spot, sprinted to get away from the faster ones, caught our breath each time we encountered those fast ones, followed some instructions, and worked as a team to finish the mission. And I even ended up with a battle scar because I accidentally wounded my hands at some point. The people who played the zombies were up to par with our expectations because of their realistic make-up and good acting skills. One glitch is that the event didn't start on time. I hope this wouldn't happen again. It was a fun and unique experience. I got a dog tag for staying "alive" towards the end of the mission and a cool shirt that all finishers get, whether they're "dead" or "alive".

Would I join again? Probably. If I had the extra moolah because to be honest, Php.1000 is a bit pricey for a not-so-running event. But like I said, it was awesome. So kudos to the organizers.

If there's one thing I realized after joining this, it's that if the zombie apocalypse were to truly and actually happen, I probably wouldn't survive. So I need more practice. I need to learn to run faster. And also, I need deadly weapons. LOL. :)