Domingo's Grille and Restaurant

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Apart from sleeping accommodations and a surfing school, Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales also has its own restaurant. Domingo's Grille and Restaurant serves delicious freshly-cooked meals, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to cater to the guests of the resort. 

Here's what I tried during my day trip in Crystal Beach. For breakfast, I had one of their breakfast meals, which is a Filipino classic.
Tocilog and Hot Chocolate

The meal was okay, although the meat was a bit overcooked, with the edges a little burnt. I forgot to request for scrambled egg, but that one's entirely my fault. The hot chocolate that they served was Swiss Miss which wasn't bad at all because I looove Swiss Miss.

For lunch, here's what I got to try.
 Sinigang na Sugpo
 Tofu Sisig

First thing that I have to say about their lunch meals is that the servings were sooo huge. One dish is already good enough for two to three persons, and we ordered two. The sinigang was so delicious. I love that there was more of a sour taste in the soup. The prawns were humongous. As for the tofu sisig, it was very flavorful and it did not disappoint. I loved it, and I'm such a huge fan of tofu so you can just imagine my happiness when they served it. 

Overall, I had a good dining experience there. The service was good, although it took a few minutes to serve the food because they really cooked it upon ordering. I'd definitely recommend Domingo's Grille and Restaurant when you're in the area. It saves one from the hassle of bringing food to the beach, plus the dining experience is really good value for your money.