R3RUN for Sustainability

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Late post. This event actually held on the 3rd of August, but it took me more than a week to blog about it because I could not find decent photos of myself during the event. Either I looked too fat or I had my wacky face on, LOL.

R3RUN for Sustainability was held at the Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City. It was probably the most inexpensive event that I joined this year, only Php.250 for all categories (1k, 4k, 8k, and 12k). And then I got a Php.50 discount using my Pinoy Fitness membership card.

It was an easy, breezy run for me. I finished the 12k run with an official time of 1:24:47. Not bad for someone who has shin splints that weekend. Heh.

Overall, it was a good event considering that the organiser was a first timer when it comes to race events. There was ample hydration for everyone. The marshals were nice and friendly. The actual distance of the route was exact and at par with my GPS run tracker. The venue though was too small to accommodate a lot of people. It was too cramped and crowded, especially when the finishers were lining up to get their loot bags or claim their baggage. The organisers should have anticipated the large volume of participants because it was a very affordable race event. I do hope they choose a better and bigger venue next time. :)

Reaching for My Dream

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Earlier this year, I have witnessed my boyfriend and about a few hundred other people officially become marathoners. I made a short blog post about that here. It was through The Bull Runner Dream Marathon that they were able to reach their goal of running and finishing their first ever 42km race. 
photos grabbed from the TBRDM website

Last Friday, August 8 at 12nn, Jaymie Pizarro and the rest of the organising team opened the registration for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2015. The limited slots for 900 people were filled up in about a couple of hours. For the registration, one does not necessarily need to be fast but one has to have a really fast internet connection. 

Thanks to JC's good connection and fast typing skills (he did it via his iPhone!), my application was already submitted within seven minutes. I immediately got the email confirmation that day saying that my application was sent but it did not guarantee me a slot. Then two days ago, I got the email saying that I am included in the list of 900 runners who will be reserved a slot. It was probably the best news I got that day. And maybe for the whole week. Teehee. The list is also posted on the webpage here which you can view anytime. 

Once I pay the registration fee, there is no turning back. I have six months to prepare for the marathon which is set to take place on February 22, 2015. Right now, I'm feeling pretty excited since I've been raring to conquer 42.195km. Training starts... like right now! :D

*All images, except for the screenshot, are from the website http://www.tbrdm.com.