New Balance Power Run 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Late post as I haven't gotten around to gathering my thoughts about this race until recently. Oh well.

So last year, I joined the New Balance Power Run under the 16k category. Having run several half-marathons after that, I decided to up the ante this year and register for the 25k category. The New Balance Power Run 2014 was held two weekends ago, November 9, at the same venue which is Bonifacio Global City. The gun start for the 25k category was at 4:00am. 

Before the race, I consumed a pack of GU Energy Gel as usual and I was feeling good. I started out okay during the first few kilometers. As usual, I ran straight for about ten minutes before switching to my usual 4:1 interval with a steady 7-ish min/km pace. I was well-equipped that day, with an extra pack of GU and two Saltstick capsules in my pocket. I have never used Saltsticks until that day and I knooow that it is so not good to try an entirely new product on race day but I have no regrets. I took the first Saltstick capsule after about an hour has passed and I breezed throughout the first flyover. 

Halfway in the race, I consumed the energy gel. I checked my watch upon passing the 16km marker and saw that I broke my 16k PR. Hurray! It was around that part that JC caught up to me. He was running with 3:1 interval so we didn't get to really run together. We chatted during those times when we were both on walk mode though. The second flyover came and I started to slow down because my ITBS started acting up. I consumed my last Saltstick capsule upon descending the flyover, and I quickly recovered and eventually regained speed. Upon reaching the 21km marker, I checked my watched again and smiled to myself knowing that I just broke my 21k PR. 

What came next were the longest four kilometers of my life. I guess I was just too happy upon breaking my 21k PR that I stopped caring much about the race. All I wanted was to finish and I ended up slowing down again. When I had less than one kilometer to go, Meghan Trainor's All About that Bass started playing on my iPod and that got me pumped up. I decided to go for it and just run. I smiled at every photographer I saw and on the last turn, I finally saw the finish line and I sprinted towards it. 

Just like last year, the New Balance Power Run and Runrio did not disappoint. The race was very well-organized. There was more than enough hydration for everyone. There were also lots of bananas and mind you, they were cavendish bananas so they were huge. There was no finishers shirt but my loot bag did contain a pair of New Balance socks along with the usual Gatorade and bottled water. I also read on forums that others got a New Balance visor (huhu, I want a visor). I also liked the finishers medal. The route was challenging what with the uphells, especially that looong stretch of uphill road in McKinley. Which is why I was pretty pleased with myself that day because I broke two PRs (16k at 1:58:++ and 21k at 2:40++) given that kind of difficulty level in the route. Overall, it was a good run for me as I finished with an official chip time of 3:14:23. 

Kudos to New Balance and to Runrio for this successful event! 

Run Happy

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When you're doing what you absolutely love, you are in your happy place. There is just no other way to describe it. 

When I'm running, I am in my happy place. When I'm running, there is the adrenaline rush and I feel the cool wind in my hair, the hot sun on my face, and every bit of sweat trickling down. I'm hearing nothing but the music blasting from my earphones, and the distant sound of cars and people around me although none of them seem to matter at the moment. It's just me and the road. And every inch of me is euphoric as my feet hit the hot, hard asphalt. My legs may hurt and I may feel out of breath, but those are only temporary. What's there to stay is the happiness I feel after a good run. Thus, you'll never catch me in a bad mood when I run.
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