Red Kimono

Friday, November 14, 2014

Okay, so here's a review for another Japanese resto that I have recently tried. I went there with JC on one of our Fridates for some carbo-loading before a race during that weekend. You know me, I love love love Japanese food. JC, on the other hand, just simply tolerates them. I can make him eat some katsu but he would never touch a sushi or a maki roll. 

So anyway, we tried Red Kimono in Glorietta and here's what we had.
California Maki - Php.150
Bottomless Iced Tea - Php.65
Katsudon - Php.210
Chashu Ramen - Php.285

The food was delicious especially the soup of the Chashu ramen. I also liked their California maki. The service was quick, however the staff were not that friendly as we noticed that they do not smile that much. Overall, I'd give Red Kimono a thumb up. I would definitely come back for their maki rolls.

For more information, check out their website here.

The Circle Hostel

Monday, November 10, 2014

So recently, I wrote about my recent trip to Liw-liwa, Zambales which you can read here. If you are planning a trip there and are looking for a place to stay, then you might want to check out The Circle Hostel. The Circle Hostel is a budget-friendly hostel that offers affordable accommodations and aims to create a friendly environment for travellers. 
one of the rules of The Circle Hostel: "there are no strangers"
 there are no private rooms here, only bunk beds and hammocks
surfboards are available for rental for only Php.200 per hour with additional fee
if you want a surfing instructor
hang-out with fellow travellers in their very cool common area
meet "Garfield" the cat who just lays there all day sleeping on the stairs
paint or write on the walls using these paints that they provided
"There is a Light that Never Goes Out" - one of my fave songs by The Smiths

The bunk beds come with mosquito nets, with a rental fee of Php.450 per head per night. The hammocks are for Php.350 per head per night. They also provide lockers that you can rent so you can keep your things safe. 

Overall, I thought that The Circle Hostel is a cool place to stay in. Sure, it is not what I'm used to: no air-conditioning, no thick and fluffy beds, no private baths. But my experience there was one-of-a-kind, and in a good way. In all fairness, the showers and the toilets are clean, which is really my only and primary concern when travelling. I did have to deal with the mosquitos but that's what the mosquito nets were for. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. 

I would definitely recommend The Circle Hostel to anyone who's planning to go to Liw-Liwa. For more information, do check out their website here.
Oh, and if ever you do stay there, look for my name that I painted in the common area.