30 Days to Go

by - 12:05 PM

Yup, you read right. Thirty days from now, I will be running and finishing (oh yeah, optimist at its finest) my first ever full marathon. 

For the past months, I have been training crazy for it by building a solid mileage, running twice on weekdays, and doing one long run every weekend. I have also been squeezing in some core and conditioning trainings. I would like to think that I am prepared. Oh, I am so prepared. But as early as now, I am already feeling the jitters. Ack. Especially when I realized that THE day is a month from now. 

So where is this post headed to? Nowhere, actually. I just feel like writing about how I feel right now because l have been a huge ball of emotions these past few days. I feel nervous and excited about the marathon. I've been feeling a lot of stress due to work. I've also been very emotional lately due to personal reasons. I am feeling overwhelmed with all that's going on. So there. Anyhoo, here is a little dose of motivation and it did help a bit. Our medal for TBRDM. :)
Photo grabbed from Jaymie Pizarro's Instagram account: @jaymiepizarro

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