Sparks 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Late post. Very, very late post. This event happened on the 2nd of March anI guess I was too busy with other stuff that I forgot all about it. I just remembered it earlier today while I was browsing photos in my camera and phone.

Anyways, Sparks 2014 was the first running event that I joined this merry month of March. It was saito be the first twinkling lights night run in the country and being so, I had been looking forward to it for weeks. At first, I was planning to register for the 10k category but I ended up registering for 5k because I was still recovering back then from my most recent event: a half marathon, which happened a week before Sparks (you can read all about it here). Sparks 2014 was held iat the UP Diliman campus. I joined it with two of my friends from work because they wanted to try participating in a fun run. Assembly time started around 4pm as the organizers, UP Circle of Entrepreneurs, made a shindig of the whole event. There was a food fair and a concert featuring up and coming bands, and that went on the whole evening. Here are some photos during the event.
with new running buddies in the form of my officemates
goofing around with the very hyper Cherifer mascot
rank: 155 out of 333 runners, official time: 00:40:58

Obviously, it was not a good run for me. I think it's because I have not yet fully recovered from my last run so I ended up over-exhausting myself and getting shin splints (which I am still nursing until now). Huhu. 

Overall, it was a so-so event. There were only two hydration stations and both ran out of water pretty quickly which was not good. The medal was made of plastic but nevertheless it was okay. I actually wasn't expecting any medal. The event had several sponsors who gave away lots of freebies like snacks andrinks, so I guess that somehow compensated for the shortage in hydration during the run. I enjoyed the concert very much when Silent Sanctuary performed. I studied in UP so with Silent Sanctuary playing "Rebound" an"Kundiman", there was a lot of nostalgic feels. So college days.

Save for my injured leg, I still had a blast. The same goes for my friends who, I am happy to report, are looking forward to join a running event again. Wee. That's about it for this post. For now, I am still taking a break from running so that my shin splints will fully heal. I am cross-training though (yoga, weights, and lots of core workout) because I feel weak without exercise. Hahaha. My next run is on the March 23. I will be joining the Yakult 10-Miler so see you there. Bye! :)

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