Tokyo Adventures: Asakusa

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Up next on my Japan travel adventures is Asakusa. Asakusa is a district of Tokyo and is known as the center of Tokyo's shitamachi or old town. Personally, it is easily my favorite part of Tokyo because of its vintage vibe.

Getting to Asakusa is quite easy. As in all parts of Tokyo, this district is accessible by train. Just alight at Asakusa station and one can just walk a few meters from the station and reach the tourist spot.

First thing that you will see is the Kaminarimon Gate, which is the outer gate of the two entrances going to Senso-ji Temple. 
Kaminarimon Gate

Up next is Nakamise Street which isa 250 meter shopping street. Here one can buy various souvenir items, Japanese street food, and local snacks like takoyaki, matcha ice cream and other matcha treats, seafood on skewers, ice cream sandwich, and so much more.
Nakamise Street

Past Nakamise Street is Hozomon Gate which is the second entrance leading to Senso-ji Temple. From this point one can also have a nice view of surrounding structures such as the Senso-ji Five Storied Pagoda.
 Hozomon Gate
Five-Storied Pagoda

After Hozomon Gate, one will finally get to Senso-ji Temple, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple. It is an ancient Buddhist Temple and is known as Tokyo's oldest and most significant. 
Senso-ji Temple

Because the Senso-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple, one would also see Buddha statues. There are two of them in the area and here is one.

Just a couple of stations away from Asakusa is Sumida, another district of Tokyo, where the famous Tokyo Skytree tower is located. From Asakusa, one can have a nice view of the tower and since we didn't have any time to go all the way to Sumida-ku, this view would suffice.

So that is it for now for my Tokyo Adventures. There is still a lot more to come. It's December and holiday season so I might be too busy to post frequently but I will try my best. 'Til the next one!
I like Tokyo very matcha. ;)

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