Bloom at I'M Hotel

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Buffets are quite popular because they offer value for your money. You pay a certain fixed amount and you eat for as much as you can from a selection of dishes. Buffet restaurants can go as low as Php199 to as much as Php3350. What makes buffet restaurants different from each other are the type of cuisine, the variety of dishes, and the quality of the food that they serve. Because of their popularity, buffet restaurants can get really crowded especially during weekends. Some restaurants can get too crowded that the food would run out too fast and there would be delays in refilling the plates. I experienced that twice already. If you want to go to a nice buffet restaurant without having to deal with huge crowds, then I suggest you head over to Bloom.
Bloom offers a fine-dining buffet experience with their classy ambiance. 

Just recently I tried the buffet at Bloom, which is the restaurant at I'M Hotel. I'M Hotel is Makati's newest five-star hotel, and being in a five-star hotel, you'd expect nothing but top-notch service and exceptionally good food at Bloom. I wasn't disappointed. There was a lot of variety because of the different cuisines with good selection, without being  too overwhelming. The presentation of the dishes was very appealing. And the food? Perfectly cooked and satisfyingly delicious.
For starters, I tried their Japanese food offerings, which consists of a variety of
sushi and tempura.
For their Chinese cuisine, one can have their noodles customized. Just get a bowl
and put as much noodles and as much toppings as you like. Choose the type of soup
that you want. You may also request for add-ons like wonton. Then give it to the chef
so they can cook it for you. You can also order dimsum like siomai, siopao, and
steamed pork. I like how these food are always served fresh and hot.
For their meat, you can choose from a selection of pork, chicken, and beef,
either grilled or roasted. They also have lechon. You can also go for some cold 
cuts and have them cooked your way. Instead of eating rice, I had my share of 
meat with some Indian roti and hummus. 
Bloom also offers pasta your way. Just get a plate and put as much pasta as you
like. The chef will ask if you prefer white or red sauce and then cook it for you.
There are a few kinds of pasta to choose from. I went for the penne in red sauce.

Like many other buffet restaurants, Bloom offers desserts. They have a really good selection of desserts from delectable cupcakes to mouthwatering cakes and other baked goodies. There's also ice cream available in different flavors with lots of toppings to choose from to pile on the ice cream. It was like I was in dessert heaven.

The price of the dinner buffet at Bloom is Php1367 per person, subject to 10% service charge, and it was worth every cent. The food was delicious. There's nothing I tried that I did not like. The dishes were served fresh and hot even though it was a buffet set-up. Their service was really good. The servers and staff were very attentive. 

While the price is less expensive compared to other hotel buffets, which usually range from Php2000-Php3000, the service and the quality of the food at Bloom rivals that of other high-end buffets. This is why I would recommend going to Bloom for an awesome buffet dining experience. Bloom is located on the level 4 of I'M Hotel along Makati Ave. cor. Kalayaan Ave. in Makati City.

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