Modern Map Art

by - 12:30 PM

Do want a remembrance for a special place that you have been to? Do you want to show some hometown pride? Or do you just want a nice minimalist piece of wall art? Then check out Modern Map Art.

Modern Map Art takes your favorite cities, mountains, and places, and turns them into beautiful works of art. This is the perfect way to remember your favorite trip, or the place where you got engaged, or your hometown... you name it!

I just got mine which displays my hometown and the city that I currently live in, and I really love it. I love how it is printed in a durable matte paper. I love how detailed it is that I can actually see my street. It is tiny, but it's there. It's also the easiest and quickest way to spruce up bare walls. Or in my case, closet doors.

It's great for frequent travelers like me because it is a great way for me to remember the places I've been to. I can simply look at the map and feel all nostalgic, remembering all the good times I've had in those places. They're also great as gifts, not just for travelers, but basically for everyone. Give it to someone to remind them of their hometown. It's practical yet it would feel very personal and well thought out.

Look for your city or choose from hundreds of designs here. You can also get a map art as a case for your phone or as pillows.

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