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Following my eLyU food crawl is a small road-side food place that serves Thai food. Its name Seawadeeka, is a clever wordplay on the Thai phrase "sawadee ka" which translates to "hello" in English, replacing the syllable "sa" with "sea" as it is located in surf town.

Seawadeeka offers delicious Thai food in very affordable prices and in generous servings.
Nasi Goreng - Php100
 Chicken Pad Thai - Php160

My verdict? Both dishes were really good. Nasi goreng is basically stir-fried rice cooked with sweet soy sauce, garlic, chili, and mixed with egg, chicken, and prawns. This one was topped with egg and kropek or traditional crackers. I have never tried nasi goreng until then so I couldn't compare with the authentic one, but for me, it tasted good. It was sweet and savory, with a bit of that chili taste. As expected, the pad thai didn't taste exactly like the authentic pad thai I've tried in Thailand but it came pretty close. It was a wee bit tangy for my liking. It also had too much sauce and too many toppings, but then again, one can't complain about having a lot of toppings on their plate.

Overall, I still liked the food there. The service was good. But they could use more seating space to accommodate more customers especially when tourists flock the area. Seawadeeka is located along MacArthur Highway in San Juan, La Union, just past Sebay Surf Resort when you're heading north. I recommend that you check it out.

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  1. Wow those look good and it affordable too.