Race Report: 2nd PCCI Cares Run for a Cause

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Last Sunday, I joined a race after being on a race hiatus for almost two months. I joined the 2nd PCCI Cares Run for a Cause which was held at McKinley West in Taguig under the 5km category. I figured that for my comeback race, I have to take it easy since I barely had any training.

The race started at McKinley West, then heading to Bayani Rd. which was very hilly. Then we had to make a U-turn, pass through the same road to enter McKinley West once again, conquered one last stretch of hills before finally reaching the finish line. It was short and sweet, yet a bit challenging at the same time because of the rolling hills.
Photo Credits: Ron of Active Pinas

Overall, it was a good race. There was ample hydration throughout the race. As I mentioned earlier, it was pretty challenging because the route was hilly, but it was a good kind of challenging. I actually loved it. There were no official results since there was no timing chip, but based on my watched, I still think I clocked in a pretty good time at around 36 minutes. I mean, it was no sub-30 but it was still a good time for a comeback run.

Thank you to the organizers for the free race kit and kudos to them for a successful event.
unofficial time: 36:45 (based on my GPS)

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