Shoe Review: Nike Zoom Strong

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A couple of weeks, I was lucky enough to be one of the first few who got to try Nike's newest training shoes just for women, the Nike Zoom Strong. 

I got the chance to try  them out and wear them during a Nike+ Training Club session which was led by NTC trainer Trish Ayson. While we test the shoes, Trish led us into a thirty-minute workout that had us all sweating like crazy. Here are some photos of the session.

The verdict? I actually like this pair. When it comes to its looks, I love how sleek and minimalist it is. The design is simple yet very chic. As for the feel, this pair is very light. It is also flexible, which is perfect for dynamic movements. Constructed out of neoprene bootie paired with the Zoom Air technology in the heels, these shoes were made to be tough while providing good cushioning. I find this great for plyometric workouts and for lifting weights. The more strenuous the workout is, the more one will need cushioning for their feet. Also, the adjustable straps provided additional support for more stability. Plus, it fits snugly around my feet.

Since they are training shoes, note that they are not made for running. They're perfect for doing NTC training, circuit training, cross-fit, and for going to the gym, while looking good and stylish.

The Nike Zoom Strong is now available in majority of the Nike stores at a retail price of Php6295. Visit a store near you to check them out.

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