Friday, October 28, 2016

Here is another one of my Baguio food-tripping adventures, this time featuring Canto. I've heard of it several times from a Facebook friend who keeps posting photos of food from this restaurant. So when I visited Baguio, I knew that I had to try this place.

Canto has two locations in Baguio. One is in the Ketchup Food Community, which is a compound with lots of restaurants, located along Romulo Dr. and is very near the town proper. Don and I checked it out first and thought that it would get really crowded later on, so we drove for about ten minutes to the second location. This one is located along C. Arellano St., away from the usual crowd so we opted to eat there.

This branch has exactly what I usually look for in a restaurant: a nice quaint ambiance good for conversations. The environment is quieter, with mellow music playing in the background. The place looks like an old deconstructed house turned into a restaurant, with wooden furniture everywhere. It even has a corner accented with a fireplace to complete that homey feel.

Now let's get to the food. So here is what we ordered.
 for Don: Lomo ribs (half-slab) with Cascade Salad and rice - Php209
for me: Charcoal Chicken with fries and string beans - Php190

I loved the food in Canto. I ordered the charcoal chicken and I found it very delicious. The chicken was cooked perfectly. It has a flavorful sauce and it went well with the fries and beans. I also had a bite of the ribs and they were really yummy. I wish I ordered them instead although I would prefer ribs with mashed potatoes, but I was happy with my chicken. 

While the waiting game for our food was a bit long, it was totally worth it. The food there was definitely value for money. I would definitely recommend Canto if ever you are in Baguio.