Gear Review: Alcis Athletica Fit-Pack Sports Belt Bag

Monday, September 28, 2015

While it is usually easier to run without carrying anything, I personally still bring some stuff with me. But just the essentials, you know. Like my phone, iPod, earphones, cash, and keys. This is why I own a few running belt bags. 

A few weeks ago, I joined Alcis Athletica's very first contest on Instagram where they gave away four of their sports belt bags. And guess who won. Yup, I was one of the lucky winners. So now, I've decided to write a review about it.

Feel and Design
It has a simple and minimalist design as most running belts do. I especially love the color because it's so girly. And so far, it feels just fine when I wear it around my waist. Just so you know, I personally do not like how running belts look when you put stuff in them so I always wear them inside my shirt and they tend to come in contact with my skin. Anyway, I haven't worn it long enough though so I'm not yet sure if it's going to cause chafing.

Efficiency and Practicality
What I love about this belt is that it's so expandable that it can fit a lot of things. It has two compartments, one smaller than the other. As you can see from the photos above, both my phone and my iPod fit snuggly in the compartments, and it still has some room to put my cash and keys in. However, the belt tends to loosen whenever I run and it also bounces a bit, which I found to be quite bothersome especially when I'm doing my long distance runs.

My verdict? While I love how this belt can fit so much in, I didn't like how it loosens up and bounces around my waist. So I would prefer to use this on short runs and when working out in the gym, but not on long runs.

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