Flawless Acne Control Kit and Treatment

Thursday, June 4, 2015

I've tried lots of skincare products and most of them didn't work for me. I have an oily skin which makes me prone to pimples and blemishes. Add lots of stress and not-so-good weather, and the result is my skin breaking out every now and then. That's what happened to me during the past few months. It started around February, I think. Although it's not that noticeable whenever I wear make-up because I use concealer, having zit-free skin is a must. Right? 

So I consulted a friend who's a dermatologist and she recommended Flawless. I took her advice and decided to head to the nearest branch to my location. I availed of their Acne Control Advanced Facial which is suitable for those with severe blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and inflammations. It did help with my skin breakouts. And for maintenance, I decided to avail one of their skin care kits.
 Flawless SAS Soap, which is designed to combat acne by targeting acne-causing bacteria
and decreasing oiliness of acne-prone skin
Flawless Pimple Clear Astringent, which helps prevent the formation of pimples
 Flawless Skin White Therapy Cream, which is a lightening moisturizer that targets
pigmentations caused by acne and other skin blemishes
 Flawless Skin Protect Gel, which is a water-based sunscreen that protects the skin minus
that greasy feel

I can say that these products and the treatment totes worked for me. I've been getting compliments about how my skin has improved in less than a month. My skin feels supple and smooth. I've been zit-free for a couple of weeks now. While the treatments and these products are not exactly inexpensive, they are totally worth it. I can now confidently go out with minimal make-up, or sometimes with none at all (just lip balm :P). Knowing how well the treatment and products work, I would definitely recommend Flawless for your skincare needs. You can drop by any of their branches for a free consultation. You can also visit their website here for more information.

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