Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon: Harness Your Own Energy

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last Thursday, May 28, I attended the Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon: Harness Your Own Energy session 1, where I was one of those who were the first to hear about the Clark Ultramarathon from race director Jon Lacanlale and event organizer Tin Ferrera.

Press Release:
The Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon aims to gather beginner, aspiring, top and veteran ultramarathoners in a journey to inspire each other to go beyond their limits and give their best; harness your own energy.  
For 2015, total Cash Prizes and gifts from sponsors of over P300,000 await the 2015 Team Champions, Top 3 Overall for Male and Female, Age Group Champions and Relay Champions. 
The Cardimax- Clark Ultramarathon journey started last May as participants were given a Recommended Training Program that aims to help them meet their racing goals come September. Together with Urban Ashram and Simple Hydration and event venue partners Clark Development Corporation and 100 Miles Café, they will also conduct Monthly Harness Your Own Energy Training Sessions. It will led by a pool of veteran ultramarathoners: Alfred delos Reyes, Daphne Codilla, Doodsie Mallari, Jerome Bautista, Jon Lacanlale, Mang Victor Ting, Tin Ferrera, Coach Titus Salazar and Wilnar Iglesia.
event organizer Tin Ferrera

For its 2015 installment, the Clark Ultramarathon partners with Cardimax L-Carnitine, which helps improve the mental and physical performance of an individual. L-Carnitine is a substance that helps turn body fat into energy, thus it may increase maximal work output. That's harnessing your own energy! 
 Katheryn Felician of Integrated Pharma

After the brief introduction of the Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon, we got to hear from two of the country's top ultra-marathoners, Daphne Codilla and Wilnar Iglesia, as they shared with us some of their experiences in running ultra-marathons. 

Up next on the podium was Coach Saturnino "Titus" Salazar who gave a small talk about running and coaching. This was then followed by some running drills led also by him. The event was then concluded by a raffle for individual participants and for team participants.
 Coach Titus

The event was very informative and enlightening. I learned a lot about the whys and hows of running ultra-marathons. Even though I have already finished an ultra, I found out that there is still a lot to learn about it. Daphne Codilla's story in particular inspired me. She shared with us about how she dreamed of running an ultra-marathon and how she was able to turn it into a reality after, not just months, but years of preparation and training. Perhaps my biggest take-away from this is this quote from her: "A goal is a dream with a deadline." And those words are something that I will always keep in mind. :)

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