Run for a Hero

by - 1:44 AM

A few days ago, a tragedy has happened in our country which resulted in the deaths of 44 brave Philippine National Police-Special Action Forces commandos. These men died in a clash against terrorists. Thus, today has been declared as the National Day of Mourning for the Fallen 44. 

Two days from today, I will be running in the highly anticipated Condura Skyway Marathon under the 21k category. I feel that this event is very timely, although pure coincidental since this year, the CSM's beneficiary is the Heroes Foundation.

In line with this, I have decided to pledge Php.44 for every kilometer that I will be running this Sunday. It's not much. It is actually a small amount, which I am hoping to be at least of some help for those families that were left behind by our dear, brave 44. 

So if you want to join me in this cause, simply send me a message or comment here. You can also send your donations to PNP-SAF. Here are the details:

Let's Run for a Hero. Or just do something... Let's do something for our heroes and the families they have left behind as they've have selflessly chosen to sacrifice their lives for the good of EVERYONE.

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