Caffe Pascucci

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I love coffee shops. They're my favorite place to hangout in because the ambience in most coffee shops is relaxed. For a lot of people, they're great places for long conversations or to have meetings. For me, they're great places to just sit and read a book. Yeah, that's very cliché of me but it's true. On weekends when I have nothing to do, I would usually go to a near coffee shop, order my fave drink, sit at the quietest corner, and read. And I could do it for hours.

In comes Caffe Pascucci, which is fairly new establishment that I have discovered in Glorietta 2. Caffe Pascucci is an Italian chain of coffee shops with branches in a few countries including the USA, South Korea, Japan, and of course, the Philippines.
 Mokaccino - Php135
 Hazelnut Truffle Muffin - Php100

I loved everything that I ordered. I especially loved the muffin because the flavor was rich but not too sweet. The bread was soft and a little moist, and I liked that it has lots of chocolate chips on top. Also, I found the prices very reasonable. 

What I like about Caffe Pascucci is that it is not as crowded compared to other coffee shops, which means that I get the peace and quiet that I want for my me-time. There are tables outside for smokers and plush seats inside for those who are looking to relax. I also like that the interiors have this artsy feel. I think I have a new fave hangout now. Hihi. :)

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