Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Fun Buddy Run

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the first Sunday of July, JC and I joined the Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Fun Buddy Run under the 5k category. The mechanics are simple: you need to run and cross the finish line with your buddy. And it can be either a female-female, male-male, or male-female pairing; it's really up to you.
RSFFBR singlets

The gun start was at 5:45 am. I couldn't remember most of the run being that it was the fastest and shortest fun run that I joined in a long time. I remembered taking a couple of walk breaks because I had trouble breathing after the third kilometer. I guess this was partly my fault because I went partying on Friday night (4th of July, sorryyy). But still, I managed to break my 5k PR that day. It was indeed a fun run because I had fun (boy, that was bad). Hahaha. I also took some photos after so if you joined this event, feel free to browse through my Facebook page and grab, tag, and share your photos.
 credits to Running Photographers for the two photos above
me and my buddy before the run started, credits to Team aRUNkada for this photo

After we crossed the finish line, we immediately claimed our loot bags containing groceries from Robinsons Supermarket. As for our race results, JC and I finished 108th out of 1186 pairs of runners, with an official time of 00:35:26. It was my fastest 5k but I know that I can do a whole lot better. I need to train more. 

I loved that it was such a hassle-free event, from the registration to the actual run to the claiming of the finishers entitlement. The marshals were very friendly and the organisers did not come short of hydration. I also love love loved their neon green shirts, btw. I will definitely join again next year. :)
contents of my loot bag, mehehe

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