Marathon Dreams

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In February 16, 2014, I witnessed something so memorable. I witnessed more than 600 runners, including my boyfie, officially became marathoners. Meaning they ran a forty-freaking-two kilometer race. And I am telling you, that is no easy feat. My longest distance to date is 21km so I am still working my way to double that distance.

It was the third Sunday of February when this year's The Bull Runner Dream Marathon was held. The TBR Dream Marathon is the first and only one of its kind that caters exclusively for first (and second) time marathoners. It includes an intensive training program that runs for a few months in order to help runners prepare for this event. Simply put, TBRDM promises to a memorable first-time marathon for its participants. 

And I swear, it lived up to that promise as I watched runners cross the finish line and become marathoners. I witnessed all kinds of emotions that day. I saw the exhaustion in the runners' faces as they go through the challenging 42km route. I saw the pain reflected in their faces caused by the strain in their muscles, cramps, and all other running injuries. I saw the determination and how it overpowers all the pain and exhaustion. I saw the glow and twinkle in their eyes as they saw the finish line. I saw the relief when it was all over. And finally, I saw the pride and that sense of self-accomplishment as they crossed the finish line.

I went home that day feeling truly inspired to work and train hard so I could eventually become a marathoner. Registration for TBRDM 2015 will yet have to be announced later this year so I will just have to keep posted for that. And so do you, if ever you are planning to join. 

Read about my boyfriends' TBRDM experience on his blog here and here. Yes, it has two parts because his blog posts are thaaat long. Haha. To know more about The Bull Runner Dream Marathon and to read about the experience of other TBR alumni, just check out the website here. :)

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