KL Food Tripping

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whenever I travel, one of the things that I look to experience are new tastes. For me, a trip to somewhere would never be complete without some food tripping. I would prefer to eat in someplace unfamiliar rather than in a fast food chain that can also be found in the Philippines. That is because I often like to discover dishes that are totally new to me.

One of the things that I loved best in Malaysia was the food. Although a lot of the dishes were really spicy, I still loved everything that I got to try. And you know me, I don't really do spicy. I try to avoid them as much as possible. Anyway, here are my favorites. 
 Ayam Penyet - RM 7++
Where: Ayam Penyet Express in KL Sentral Station
Fish 'n' Chips - RM 11.90
Where: Picadilly in Millennium Square at Petaling Jaya
Fried Beef Kway Teow - RM 8++
Where: Food Republic in Pavillion at Bukit Bintang
 Milk Tea - RM 4.50
Chicken Nasi Lemak - RM 11.30
Where: Little Penang Kafe in Suria KLCC
Chicken Buttermilk - RM 6.70
Where: Millenium Square in Petaling Jaya
 Grilled Chicken Burger Meal - RM 9.95
Where: A&W near Petronas Service Station in Petaling Jaya

All in all, the food in Malaysia didn't disappoint me one bit. Every single one of them was delicious as I expected and the food is definitely of the reasons I would return to MY. The flavors were kinda strong because of the ingredients that they used, but I don't mind. You would rarely find pork on the menu because it is a Muslim country. And that is also fine with me because I rarely eat pork. I prefer chicken and fish. Aaad even though most of the dishes were spicy, I still enjoyed them. I even think they upped my tolerance for spicy foods. Also, the prices are the same as everything else there in Malaysia. Meaning: cheap. Cheap, but you will definitely get more than what you paid for.

That's about it for my food-tripping experience in Malaysia. I would really recommend that you visit there if ever you're planning to take a tour in Southeast Asia. :)

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