Butter Up

by - 4:04 PM

Back then, I wasn't a huge fan of lotions because I would always feel sticky whenever I'd put 'em on. But for some reason recently, or maybe because I've become very sensitive to the cold, I've begun to love lotions and body butters. Nowadays, I would always make it a point to apply some on my legs and arms before I go to work because they make my skin feel soft and supple, and they kind of warm me up. I work on night shifts, and I wear dresses and skirts on most days so it tends to get really chilly. Anyway, these are the products that I use, which have become my faves.
Bath and Body Works Carried Away Intense Moisture Body Butter
Soap and Glory Hand Food and Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter

To be honest, I can't tell you which of the two brands I like best because they both do wonders for my skin. Also, they smell sooo deliciously good. And more importantly, they don't give me that icky, sticky feeling that I usually get with other lotions or body butters. So I really, really recommend them. You can buy Bath and Body Works products here, and you can buy Soap and Glory products here or at any Sephora stores. :)

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