Loving Ilocos

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Hands down, Ilocos is one of the most beautiful places I've visited in the Philippines. I've been to Ilocos more than once and I would definitely come back given the chance (and resources).

For art and history junkies out there, Iloco Sur is the place to be as it reflects the Philippine history in almost its entirety. There are lots of museums to visit here. Walking on the bricked streets of Vigan alone would make you feel as if you went back in time. I, for one, am in-love with anything vintage so you can see why this one of my fave travel spots.

kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) along Kalye Crisologo
Bantay Church Bell Tower
 inside the bell tower

 Kalye Crisologo just before the sunrise

Ilocos Norte, on the other hand, offers pristine beaches and a nice getaway from the busy streets. Check out the most beautiful scenic views I've ever seen, and found only in Ilocos Norte.
Laoag Beach Front
 Paoay Church

The Bangui Windmills

more of the Laoag Beach Front

These photos were actually taken a couple of years ago and that was my last visit to Ilocos to date. I figured that photos with views as gorgeous as these deserve a post on my blog even though they were kinda outdated. 

Anyways, now you see how beautiful the Ilocos province is. It definitely is worth the very looong road trip. More than twelve hours, just to give you an idea. :)

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