Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello! I'm back. Sorry if I have been on a sudden hiatus for about a couple of weeks. My schedule has been pretty toxic lately because of work. Then there's my social life that's trying hard to be as toxic as work. And I am really complaining. 

So I took a break from all the haggardness that is my life and went for a quick, relaxing trip outside the city. And I found myself back on the beach just soaking in the awesomeness that's the sea and the sun.

I'm sorryyy, haha. I just can't get enough of the beach. It's my ultimate happy place whenever I want to get away from everything that's stressing me out.

Anyways, I got some posts lined up for this month. Some incredibly scrumptious ones. I hope you watch out for that. :D


  1. I absolutely love the beach! Sweet life you got there!


  2. amazing pics!
    check out my latest outfit post: