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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello there, loves. So it would appear that I've been gone for quite a while in the blogosphere, sorry for that. I just got a bit caught up with work and some personal crisis. Anyways, here's a scrumptious foodie post for y'all to make-up for my absence.

Rufo's Famous Tapa has been here for quite some time now. There's a branch that's less than five minutes away from my office and it's my go-to food place when I don't wanna eat fast food. But I haven't blogged about it yet so here goes. For years, Rufo's has built a following because of their iconic tapsilog. For my international readers, tapsilog is a famous breakfast dish here in the Philippines that's made of tapa or fried beef strips, sinangag which is fried rice, and itlog or egg which is usually poached in oil. I prefer scrambled though. Other than their tapsilog, Rufo's is also known for their other  mouthwatering and very Pinoy dishes. Here are some of what's on their menu.
Rufo's Famous Tapa - Php.108
Tokwa't Baboy - Php.92
 Corned Beef a la Rufo's - Php.76
 Sizzling Sisig - Php.146
Tocino - Php.104

Some items on their menu are a bit pricey for breakfast meals but they're definitely worth it. I, for one, am a big fan of their sizzling pork sisig. The tokwa't baboy (tofu and pork), not so much. I feel like they should just call it tokwa't tokwa as it contains very little bits of pork in it. And of course, the tapa is to die for. It's drench in this very yummy sauce that one can't get enough of. Not so healthy though. Haha. But I guess it's okay to indulge every once in a while.

Rufo's Famous Tapa is open 24/7 in ten convenient locations, one of which is in Pearl Plaza along Pearl Drive in Ortigas. That's the one near my office. You can check out the other branches and the other dishes on their menu in their website here. And I recommend that you do. :D

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