Fete De La Musique

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fete de la Musique is an annual music festival that takes place on June in cities around the world. In the Philippines this year, it was held on June 15 and I got to attend it for the first time ever. With one main stage, eight pocket venues, and more than 100 bands, it was night of pure musical bliss. The whole event lasted for 10 hours. 

I started with the reggae and world music stage which was in Live Vibe Centrale. Then moved to the main stage at the A. Venue parking lot. And then finally made a quick stop at Saguijo before finally going home. Here are some photos from that crazy, crazy night.
reggae band Tropical Depression, singing songs with lyrics I can't understand 
and with beats I can't stop dancing to
Sinosikat on the main stage
Kian, Karina, Kams, and myself, trying to fit all our faces in one photo
Pinoy guitar hero Noli Aurillo is oh-sum
Up Dharma Down, I love you forever
music lovers unite

Add some alcohol in between musical performances and a lot of food tripping before heading home. It was one hella night for my friends and I. This just proves that you can never really go wrong with great music and great company.


  1. I wanted to go there! Too bad some unfortunate events happened. It looks so fun! Hope I can go next time. :)

    hope you can visit mine sometime.

    New outfit post wearing my skater skirt --> http://chasingculprit.blogspot.com/2013/06/kill-or-be-killed.html

    1. Too bad you weren't able to go. :( Well, I just hope everything's okay on your end now. :)

  2. cool pics! looks like you had so much fun!
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