Mu Noodle Bar

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These past few days, I've been having weird cravings for ramen so I decided to try out this cool new Japanese restaurant in Glorietta, Mu Noodle Bar. By the name itself, I guess you've already figured out what their specialty is. Here's something for the eyes.
Pork Gyoza - Php.130
Black Hofan - Php.180
Beef Noodle - Php.220

For the noodles, you can choose between thick or thin ones. I prefer the thin ones since they're not too heavy. And then for the soup, you have a choice between miso and soy stock. The black hofan is basically made of noodles with shrimp and squid, thus the black color of the sauce. I can say that everything on the menu is delicious. I especially loved the pork gyoza which kinda melts in your mouth, although it has this strong flavor. One serving of the noodles is good enough for two, just so you know.

I'd give this place two thumbs up for the uber delicious food and cool ambience. You can visit Mu Noodle Bar on the second floor of Glorietta 2 and on Wilson St. Additon Hills, San Juan. :)

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  1. lovely post !

    xo june

  2. the food looks great! and the place looks amazing!
    check out my latest look :