Coffeebreak Cafe

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In Metro Manila, Starbucks is one of those coffee shops that you see a lot. In Iloilo, I came to discover that it has a less pricier version and that is Coffeebreak. I first got to try Coffeebreak around five years ago at the Iloilo International Airport. And now, it is on almost every corner of Iloilo City.
Tea and Hot Americano
Choco Oreo Frappe - Php.85

My verdict? I'd give it two thumbs up. Two thumbs up for great tasting caffeinated drinks at super affordable prices. I wish they'll expand in Manila. I can only imagine how much I'll be able to save from my coffee expenses if they'll have branches here. Teehee. :D


  1. Ohhh seems like a great coffee experience Eva! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting dear. And for the invite for Oasap giveaway. Wasn't able to catch it anymore >.< Been busy with work life.

    Anyway, thanks a lot! Keep in touch :)

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    1. Will check this all out. Thanks, Chai! :)

  2. I had tasted their Choco Frappe and Devil's Fantasy Cake. It was really good. Since I love oreo, I hope to taste that Choco Oreo Frappe also. Here are some of my Coffee Break experiences: Coffee Break Iloilo

    1. Ooh, haven't tried the Devil's Fantasy Cake. Too bad they don't have a branch here in Manila. I'll try it next time I go back to Iloilo.

      Thanks for dropping by. <3