Cosmo Men Unite

by - 1:00 AM

This post is waaay overdue but as they say, better late than never. So this is about the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2012 which was held on September 18 at the World Trade Center. Yeah, September, it's that overdue. It's all thanks to my uncle who works in Summit Media that I scored VIP passes for the said event, and I got to bring two of my lovely friends with me. 
 With Lany.
With Thea. We went to the Candy Fair last year, so tweeniebopper 
of us. Teehee. Well, lumevel-up na kami.

We arrived at the venue past 7pm and we were greeted by the sight of a very looong line at the entrance. We stood there waiting for more than an hour. Needless to say, we were already tired and kinda sweaty before the event even started. And my feet were killing me because I was wearing sky-high heels. Think five inches. Not a good start, Cosmo.

It started around 9pm and ended past 11pm. Here are some photos of the actual event.
I like the stage design very much.
Hunks galore and hot bods galore. Look at all those abs!
Perks of being in the VIP area: free flowing drinks!

Two hours of pure pleasure for the eyes. Quoting fashion designer Rajo Laurel in one of his Instagram posts, "Christmas came early this year" and I couldn't help but agree. Despite the organizer's short-comings, I still enjoyed the event. Now I'm looking forward to next year's installment! :)

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