Twenty Three

by - 12:34 AM

Quick update about me, I just turned twenty three last week. Thus the photo of the cake above. And leave it to my mom, who's such a troll, to place the candle right where my name was. Real funny, mom. My birthday was spent differently this year. During my past birthdays, I went out drinking and partying and getting wasted with my friends. This year, I just had a quiet dinner with my family. But never mind that. So how does it feel to be twenty three? Oh I'm not sure. In fact, I don't feel any different. Heck, I don't even look twenty three. I still think that I look like some tweener and frankly, I don't know if that's something that I should be glad about or not. Whatcha think?

Anyways, I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. It's just that I was feeling so uninspired during the past few days. But not to worry, loves, that was just a phase. I'm back in the bloggosphere, yeah I'm making up words here, and so you can expect lots of posts these coming days. We do have a lot of catching up to do, ya' know. :)

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