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by - 12:18 AM

Wazzaaap? Haha. Okay, that was a bit retarded. You know, I've been staring at this white blank screen for the past few minutes because I don't know how to begin this post today. The past week has been very stressful for me, emotionally. Anyways, I'm not here to rant. Let me show you what I got yesterday from my retail therapy session. Haha.
Lovely ME:EX Make-up Base in 20 and Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin 
Powder in NB 23, both from The Face Shop.
Cute inflatable floater. Freebie.

So I got myself a make-up base and a compact powder from The Face Shop, which is a make-up brand originating from Korea. I love how products make your skin shimmer and glow. Seriously. Haha. Oh, and after buying those goodies yesterday, I also got myself a cute pink pouch to replace my ratty old make-up pouch. I got it from SM Accessories. 
And here's my new kikay kit. Liquid foundation, make-up base, compact
powder, blush, and eyelash curler, all from The Face Shop. Mascara from 
NYC. Lip stick and lip gloss tube from Maybelline. Blush brush from 

That's it for today's post. Trust me, The Face Shop's products are a must-try. All this shopping kinda lifted my mood for a bit. But I'm really, really hoping for a better week next week so wish me luck.

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