Neon Obsession

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Since I started working last June, I used to wear lots of dark-colored clothes. Mostly black and gray. I really don't know why but it just happened that the clothes I bought back then happened to be in dark colors. And since summer began, all that has changed. I'm now into wearing bright-colored clothes. Especially neon ones. 

Let me show you what's on my wish list using a set that I've created through Polyvore.
Don't you just love how bright and cheery these items look?

Anyways, I've just discovered Polyvore a few weeks ago and I'm hooked. I found myself creating sets non-stop even when I'm at work. Addicted much? Yeah. Haha. I love how it keeps my creative juices flowing.

Well, that's that for this post. Enjoy your weekend, dearies.


  1. I had that dark phase for a short time too, even during the summer.. I had noo idea why. I'm not emo btw haha o-o

    Now I like to wear pastels and lighter colours :)

  2. Love the bikinis and the neon trend is great, perfect for summer!