Race Report: 3rd PCCI Cares Run for a Cause

by - 10:50 PM

Super duper late post because I have been so busy that I completely forgot to blog about this race, which is the 3rd PCCI Cares Run for a Cause, held last month. So this was my fourth race for the year, given that I haven't been training at all. My original plan was to cover the race as one of the official photographers. I had no idea that there were two race kits reserved for me by the race director. So I ended up joining the 5k category and then covered the event afterwards.
please don't judge my ootd - I wasn't supposed to race that day, remember? :))

The event was basically a fun run with an inflatable obstacle course at the end when approaching the finish line. The race started at McKinley West Park, going to the uphell, err uphill, parts of McKinley and back to the starting point. The obstacle course part was actually fun. And I loved the hilly parts of the route. Overall, it was a very well-organized event with ample hydration throughout the course and lots of marshals guiding the runners.

I finished in around 35 minutes - not my best 5k but still good enough for someone who does not train. Kudos for a successful event and thank you to the organizers, Aldenver Events, and to the race director, sir Gas, for the race kit.
unofficial time: 35:43

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