DADS Meryenda

by - 11:10 PM

Meryenda is the Filipino word for "snack" and Filipinos looove their meryenda in the afternoon, just a couple of hours before dinner time. I don't know why exactly, but Filipinos really love to eat. I guess everyone loves to eat but for some reason, we, Filipinos, have buffet meals even for afternoon snacks.

DADS, which is a famous chain of buffet restaurants in Manila have a Meryenda Buffet, which costs Php238 on weekdays and Php258 on weekends and holidays. It is open from 3pm to 5pm. Here's some of what's on their menu.
 Chicken Mami
 Beef Mami
Siopao Asado and Pork Siomai
Pasta Alfredo and Spaghetti
Burger, Tacos, and French Fries
 Choco Eclair
 Mocha Swiss Roll, Caramel Swiss Roll, Dulce de Leche, and Biko
Ice Cream

There are a lot more from their menu which you can view here. I went there on a weekend with my family and we paid Php258 per person. For the price, it was a very good deal. Bottomless drinks are also included. I was so full afterwards that I skipped dinner altogether.

For some hefty afternoon snacking, I'd recommend DADS Meryenda Buffet. It's available at the Megamall and Glorietta 3 branches.

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