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Akira is a Japanese restaurant in Makati. It is located on the ground floor of Alphaland in Bel-Air. I've been passing by it everyday on my way to and from work but have never tried it until I went to an event held there. The event was for a media launch of a fun run.

Since it was for an event, we only had two choices for the food: Bento Beef Teppan or Bento Tempura. Because I love tempura, I went for the latter. Here's what' was included:
Miso soup and garden salad
fried chicken, shrimp tempura, sashimi, some veggie (dunno what it's called), 
rice, and tempura sauce

There were also fruits but I failed to take a photo of them. Now, we all know that bento meals come in a bento box but because there was an event which was packed with people, they ran out of bento boxes. Which is sort of a poor excuse for a restaurant that offers pricey meals. I searched how much the bento meals cost and they range from Php598 to Php708. This one in particular costs Php648.

Overall, the food was very satisfying. I couldn't even finish everything. The food was very delicious and authentic Japanese. Still the prices were steeper than what I'd normally go for when it comes to food. 

I'd still recommend this place though as long as you are willing to pay a hefty price for authentic Japanese food. The food was definitely yummy so it would be worth to splurge once in a while. 

For more of my Japanese foodie adventures and explorations, just click here. Arigatou gozaimasu!

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