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Because it is a popular tourist spot, San Juan, La Union offers a lot of food options, with new restaurants and gastronomic places opening here and there. Oftentimes, these places can be quite pricey; "presyong turista" - as I always say. And while I always enjoy having a good meal, as a budget-conscious traveler, I'd still prefer to spend less.

Good thing places like Mami King opened for people like me. Mami King is a new food place in San Juan that offers budget-friendly yet yummy comfort food. Each item on their menu costs less than a Php100 which is a far cry from other food places where you will probably end up spending Php150-Php200 per meal.

By comfort food, I meant Pinoy classics such as silog meals, which is basically sinangag (fried rice) with itlog (egg) plus any form of fried meat, arrozcaldo, which is the Filipino version of congee, and of course, mami, which is a Filipino noodle soup dish. I had dinner there with Allan, and here's what we ordered.
 Plain Mami - Php30
 for Allan: Chicksilog (chicken + sinangag + itlog) - Php75
 for me: Tocilog (tocino + sinangag + itlog) - Php65

All in all, we spent Php185 for everything that we ate. Okay, so the total of everything in the photos is just Php170 but we ordered extra rice for Php15, which makes it Php185. Just so we're clear, LOL.

For less than Php200, the food was definitely a bang for your buck. I like how everything was well-cooked. The tocino, which is a form of cured meat with a sweet taste, was yummy. The eggs were perfect, and I like how you can request for it to be scrambled or sunny side up or well-done. I also tried the chicken and it was very tasty. Same goes for the mami. For Php30, the mami was so sulit. 

I'd definitely recommend Mami King if you want budget-friendly meal options. It is located just beside Tagpuan. For more of my La Union foodie adventures, just click here.

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