Burias Group of Islands

by - 11:00 PM

This past weekend, I joined a group tour organized by a friend, going to the Burias Group of Islands in Masbate and Alibijaban Island in Quezon Province. Because this will be quite a lengthy post, I've decided to post separately about these two places. I'll start with the Burias Group of Islands in San Pascual, Masbate.

Easiest way to get to the group of islands is by land travel to Quezon, and then by boat. Travel time by land takes about six to eight hours, depending on the traffic. The boat ride was normally around two hours, but because the current was strong and the waves were huge, the boat ride took three hours. 

First stop is Animasola Island, which is famous for its rock formations that you won't see elsewhere.

After Animasola Island, we went back to our boat and headed to Tinalisayan Island, which easily became my favorite because of its clear turquoise waters. The boat ride took another hour and a half.

The tour normally includes two other island: Sombrero Island and Dapa Island. But because the waves were too dangerously big, the boatmen advised us not to visit the other islands anymore for our own safety. 

So we ended up retiring our island tour and headed to Alibijaban Island in Quezon Province to rest up for the night. Now, Alibijaban Island is for another blog post, so until then. Just keep posted! 

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