After All Bar & Grill

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Here's a new place to hangout in with friends or colleagues after a long day at work, or dine with family on weekends. After All Bar & Grill is a restaurant and bar started by a group of friends who felt that fun and business can go together, that friendship should last forever, and that a resto-bar can best achieve this objective. The group named the place After All to give respect to all those years that they have been together. 

After All opens at 10am, making it great for brunch or lunch outs. At night time, this restaurant in Makati transforms into a cool after-work hangout place to have dinner and drinks.

Their menu is intercontinental - a perfect fusion of Western and Eastern cuisine, while leaning a little bit more heavily on the latter. They offer both Western and Eastern comfort food; some American, European, and Asian dishes with the restaurant's own twist. You'll also find some Filipino favorites in the menu.
 Spanish Beef Caldereta - chunks of beef braised in rich tomato sauce
Seafood Teppanyaki - soy and garlic seasoned seafood cooked on a hot griddle

Tapas originated in Spain. In Spanish cuisine, tapas refer to dishes that are served as appetizers or snacks, usually ordered with wine or beer at taverns. After All Bar & Grill serves a variety of tapas, from meat to seafood. While in concept, tapas are consumed with alcohol, some of them are just too good that I wouldn't pass up eating them with rice. My favorites would have to be the Bellissimo Hot Wings, which is their take on the buffalo wings, and the Glazed Balls of Fire, which are meatballs drenched in spicy sauce. 
 Chistorra - authentic Spanish sausage bites with sauteed onions and green chili
 Schublig - Swiss sausage slices sauteed with onion, garlic, and mild green chili
 Gambas al Ajillo - shrimp and garlic sauteed in olive oil with tomato sauce
 Glazed Balls of Fire - juicy flavorful meatballs smothered in spicy house sauce
 Crispy Fried Shrimps - a dish so crunchy you can eat the whole shrimp
 Saikoro Steak Skewers - an izakaya dish of pan-grilled skewered cubes of wagyu beef
 Romanian Deviled Squid - tender squid seasoned with herbs and cayenne chili sauce
Bellissimo Hot Wings - crispy chicken wings tossed in spicy hot sauce

A little past dinner time, an acoustic band starts to play music. This goes on every single night here. That's when post-dinner drinks would be perfect - a beer or two, or maybe even some of their special cocktail drinks. My favorite would have to be the Buko Melon Twist, which is very sweet with a little hint of vodka. I bet it's a favorite among the ladies. Of course, a night of drinking won't be complete without the Filipino favorite sisig. Their version of sisig is one of the best I've ever tried and is my new fave. It's sooo good, you won't even need to some soy sauce on it. It is definitely the best sisig in Manila.
 Frozen Calmagarita, Calamancello, Buko Melon Freeze
Crunchy Chicharones Pork Sisig - chopped crunchy pork maskara with quality chicharones

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my experience at After All Bar & Grill. I loved the atmosphere and the feel of the place. Every dish that I tried was delicious and I'm looking forward to try the others.

After All Bar & Grill is located on the ground floor of SM Jazz Mall along Nicanor Garcia Rd. cor. Jupiter St. in Makati City. It is conveniently a stone's throw away from the Makati CBD. Check it out! :) 

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