Race Report: Kerry Sports Manila Vertical Run 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When the Vertical World Circuit launched the first edition of the Kerry Sports Manila Vertical Run last year, I really wanted to join. However, I didn't have the resources for it. Which is why I was ecstatic to hear about it when they launched this year's edition. Of course, I joined. I signed up for the full challenge covering 59 floors. Challenge accepted.

Participants started the race in waves of twenty something people, with the starting line on the 2nd floor lobby of the Shangri La at The Fort. The elites were the first to go, followed by the teams and then the individuals. I did my warm up while waiting for my flag off. My wave started at 10:18am. I started with an easy jog for a good 20 meters or so to warm myself up even more, and when I finally hit the stairs, I took it easy still on the first flight. I then quickened my pace a bit and ran for as long as I could. 

I was on the 10th floor when I felt my legs start to burn and when I started feeling out of breath. So I decided to walk it out on a moderate pace, covering each flight of stairs for as little time as possible. There were a few water stations along the way and I conveniently skipped all of them except for one that was stationed halfway, knowing that I can survive with little hydration. Plus I didn't want to feel bloated and heavy. 

It was hot. My legs were still burning and I held on to the rails for support. When I saw that there were ten floors left, I quickened my pace again into a mid jog. Five to go and I gave myself a little more push. One more floor, and I gave it my all and raced to the finish line on the rooftop. It was a gratifying moment. The view at the top was so breathtaking. The challenge was so worth it.

I was so glad that I participated in the Kerry Sports Manila Vertical Run. It was a different kind of challenge and a great experience overall. While it was hard and there were moments during the race when I questioned my decision-making skills (HAHA), I still had fun. I conquered 59 floors and 1353 steps. Challenge completed!

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