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Saturday, May 13, 2017

From the city of Baguio, we go farther north for my gastronomic adventures in the province of La Union. Apart from being a surfer's paradise, La Union is also a foodie's haven, with unique restaurants that you couldn't find anywhere in Manila.

Up first in my eLyU food crawl is Surf Shack. Located in surf town, this restaurant offers an array of dishes from comfort food to Western ones with a local twist. I dined there a couple of times so the photos on this post were taken on different dates.

My first time there was during my solo trip. I went there for lunch and here's what I ordered.
Clubhouse Sandwich with Fries - Php198

Their servings were huge and all of their dishes are good for sharing. Which is why I only ordered a plate of sandwiches, which I can barely finish on my own. 

During my second time there, I was with some friends so I got to try more of their dishes. It was dinner time then so the lighting was different in the next photos.
 Princess Miliana's Heaven Pasta - Php308
Margherita Pizza - Php208

The clubhouse sandwich was delicious and the servings were really huge. The margherita pizza was absolutely yummy. The crust was thin and crispy, yet it has that bit of tenderness. The toppings were placed generously and the cheese was just perfect. The only letdown was the pasta, not because it wasn't delicious but because there was nothing special about it. The bread served with it was just kinda weird, with a sweet taste, which I think didn't go well with pasta.

I also got to try a couple more dishes which I didn't manage to get a photo of. I tried their Bacnotan longganisa pizza made of their perfectly cooked pizza crust topped with tomatoes, chili, and mozzarella cheese. What made it special is the Bacnotan longganisa, which is a local delicacy in La Union. It is finished off with a fresh egg at the center. It was sooo good! I also got to try their oysters. It was a first for me, and prolly my last because I didn't like oysters at all. The texture and taste was weird. I had to down it with a lot of beer after.

Overall, I had a pleasant dining experience at the Surf Shack. The service was good and I really liked its chill, laid-back ambiance. I'd definitely come back. It is located along MacArthur Highway in San Juan, La Union. I recommend that you drop by any time that you are in surf town or even just passing by. :)

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