On Your Mark Leg 1

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This year, AffiniTea Race, in partnership with Mizuno, launches On Your Mark - a Japanese-inspired themed race event which has three legs. The first one happened on May 22 at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. While I didn't register for this race, I still got to join thanks to the race bib that was given to me by one of my team mates in Ayala Triads. For this event, I ran in the 5k category.

The race started at 5:30am. I had a great start with a pace of around 6min/km. I tried my best to keep up with the pacers who have a target finish time of 30 minutes. After the second kilometer, I started feeling a sharp pain on my calves. I didn't know what caused it but it felt like my calves were being pressed. I had to slow down a bit and I made it a point to make quick stops every now and then. This was all throughout until the third kilometer. The pain eventually subsided when I reached the fourth kilometer. That was when I picked up my pace again and ran as fast as I could until I reached the finish line.

I reached the finish line way past my target time of 30 minutes. For all its worth, I still had a pretty good run. Although there were no official results because there was no timing chip, I'm positive that I still had a good ranking. Within the first twenty females and within the first hundred overall, if I'm not mistaken.

Overall, it was an okay event. There were lots of hydration stations in the 5km route, but I heard that in the longest distance, which is 18km, they ran out of cups so hydration was pretty scarce. The route also exceeded 18km. The organizer did acknowledge these issues and owned up to it. The medal was nice and there were lots of freebies given by the sponsors. So for me, it was a nice vent. Hopefully the next two legs will be better. Still, kudos to the organizers and congratulations to all the finishers! 
time according to my Garmin: 00:32:33

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