Singapore Trip, Part Two: Sentosa

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hi, everyone. Again, happy new year! So for my first ever blog post in 2016, let me give you the second part of my Singapore trip blog series. If you haven't read the first one yet, click here. This time, let me tell you about my tourist-y tour in Sentosa Island. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is actually a part of Sentosa, but because I took a lot of photos in USS alone, I decided to make a separate post for it. 

Sentosa Island is another popular tourist spot in Singapore. To get to Sentosa, you can ride the MRT that will take you to Vivo City mall. From Vivo City, you can board the Sentosa Express that has four stations namely: Sentosa Station, Waterfront Station, Imbiah Station and Beach Station. Waterfront Station is where you will alight if you want to go to USS and Adventure Cove. Imbiah Station is where you will alight if you want to see the large replica of the famous Merlion. It also has the Merlion Cafe. Beach Station is where you need to go if you're headed for Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach.

After visiting Universal Studios, what I did was board the Sentosa Express from Waterfront Station and alighted at Beach Station. Then from there, I decided to take a stroll all the way to Imbiah Station. Here are some of the photos that I took.
photos taken at the Candylicious store in Waterfront Station
view from Beach Station
walking through the garden from Beach Station going to Imbiah Station
the Merlion replica in Sentosa, bigger than the original
Sentosa, of course

The walk trip ended at Imbiah Station. From there, I boarded the Sentosa Express again, and headed back to Vivo City mall. But wait, there's more.
the force is in Vivo City
ankle-deep man-made lake on the rooftop of Vivo City mall

My Sentosa travel diary ends here. I have one more blog post about my Singapore trip. Until then, bye for now. :)

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