Singapore, Part Three: A Tour of the City and Travel Tips

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hi everyone! So this post will conclude my Singapore trip series. Here are some more photos that I took.
quick evening trip to Expo
shopping in the stores along Orchard Road, of course
the magnificent Fullerton Hotel
view of Marina Bay
the Merlion
Marina Bay Sands
a view of the city from Marina Bay

They say that the cost of traveling to Singapore is quite expensive, but it really depends on how you manage your money. In my case, I splurged a bit on the hotel because I wanted to stay near the race venue, which is at Orchard Road. And hotels in that area do not go cheap. But anyway, here are some travel tips if ever you are planning to go to Singapore:
  • Book a cheap flight by checking seat sales at different airlines. In my case, I regularly check Skyscannner, which is a mobile app for booking and searching for flights, that will always display the cheapest option first. My roundtrip flight cost Php8004.00, which is relatively cheaper compared to regular rates.
  • Get a hotel through third-party sites like Agoda and, as they have promos that usually do not show on the hotel's website. I stayed for the first few two nights in my aunt's house in Pasir Ris, and then transferred to a hotel in Kallang, which is near the race venue. I stayed at the Arton Boutique Hotel where my two-nights stay cost Php6542.12, inclusive of taxes and other fees.
  • Or you can try Airbnb, where accommodations can cost as low as Php800 per night, not including the taxes and other fees.
  • Before choosing a place to stay, always always check the reviews first. I personally check the comments regarding the bathrooms, because I am quite particular when it comes to bathrooms. Arton Boutique Hotel did not disappoint me. I had a great stay there.
  • The transportation is very easy and hassle free. There are eight interconnecting train lines that go around Singapore. Just be sure to always check the map so you won't get lost.
  • The bus system is also easy, although it can be quite confusing at first. Note that not all buses go through all the bus stops. Each bus has a designated stop so make sure to know your bus number and don't forget to read the signs at the bus stop to check if your bus will pick-up or drop-off passengers there.
  • Get an EZ-Link card, which is being sold at every MRT station service center and 7-Eleven stores. The EZ-Link is a unified payment system for all public transportation systems, and the card can be used at all train stations and buses. The card costs SGD12, which contains a consumable amount of SGD7 for fare. You can easily reload it at any station.
  • Cabs do not go cheap in Singapore. A short cab ride can cost as much as SGD9 (Php300). When in the central business district, walk if you can. There are so many sights to take in, that the effort would be so worth it.
  • As mentioned in my blog post about food in Singapore, how much you spend on food depends on your choices. Do not forget to go to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for the ultimate Singaporean food experience.
  • Always bring a bottle of water because it can get very hot and humid during the day. 
  • Go to Changi City Point for the best deals in shopping. This mall, which is connected to the Expo MRT station, houses LOTS of outlet stores for popular brands like Nike, Adidas, and Asics. This place is heaven for someone like me who's into athletic gear.
  • For pasalubong shopping, go to the Lucky Plaza mall located along Orchard Road. There's a souvenir shop there where I got 24 keychains for only SGD10 (Php332). I was also able to buy three Giordano "I <3 SG" shirts for only SGD15 (Php498) each.
  • For chocolates, go to the Valu$ store. The cheapest you could ever get, actually. There are lots of branches, but I personally went to this one in White Sands Mall in Pasir Ris.
  • Lastly, Singapore is a very safe place to travel in. You don't have to worry about pickpockets or about being harassed. What I love about Singapore is that everyone is really disciplined. The country's so safe that you don't get to see a lot of cops, and even the malls don't have security checkpoints. Now that's impressive.
I guess that's about it for my Singapore travel diary. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope the tips were really helpful. Of all the countries, Singapore is now my favorite because of its cleanliness, ease of transport, and safety. I will definitely come back. So to end my Singapore travel blog post series, here is my favorite photo that I took.
Marina Bay during the day, taken during my last day in SG

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