Food Tripping in Singapore

Monday, December 21, 2015

So here is my all-time favorite part of traveling: the food! Traveling to new places gives me the chance to explore new and different flavors. This is a quick post about some of what I had when I was in Singapore. 

My flight from Manila to Singapore took more than three hours. I ate breakfast at home and had coffee when I was waiting for boarding. So as expected, I was hungry when I arrived at Changi Airport. I ate at a restaurant there that serves Western food and ended up ordering fish 'n' chips. I did not expect that the serving would be so huge.
Fish 'n' Chips (SGD17.00) - deep fried fish fillet and fries served with 
sour cream

I got to try some actual local cuisine on my second day in Singapore. I went to the Food Republic in Vivo City mall. Food Republic is a sort-of food court with stalls serving food from different Asian Countries. To get out of my comfort zone, I let my aunt, who lives in Singapore, pick the food for me.
Hokkien Mee - egg noodles and rice noodles in savory stock, with prawns 
and squid, served with chili paste
Popiah Rolls - Chaozhu-style fresh spring rolls made of popiah "skin" or 
wheat flour wrapper, stuffed with grated and steamed turnip, jicama, bean 
sprouts, lettuce, grated carrots, French beans and shallots

Being the Japanese-food lover that I am, I couldn't resist having my weekly fill of Japanese food. I tried Sakae Sushi in Whitesands Mall in Pasir Ris. I went there with Doni, my Malaysia-based friend who was also in SG at the time, and we ordered food supposedly good for two people but was actually a lot.
Sakae Salad (SGD10.99) - tossed mixed greens salad with sashimi, crab 
sticks, and strips of scrambled egg
from the revolving sushi belt (clockwise from top left):
Tuna Mayo Inari (SGD4.39 for 2pcs) - tuna mayo sushi in beancurd skin
Kani Maki (SGD2.39 for 6pcs) - crab stick sushi rice roll
Kanifumi Sushi (SGD2.39 for 2pcs) - snow crab stick sushi
Salmon Teriyaki (SGD10.99) - grilled salmon with sweet teriyaki glaze

Food tripping in Singapore won't be complete without a visit to the Makansutra Gluttons Bay. Located along Raffles Avenue, Makansutra is one of the go-to places in the city for good food, especially for tourists, because of the wide variety of dishes and the view of Marina Bay Sands. The food is affordable too. I went there with four other friends and ended up spending less than SGD25.00 for the food and between the five of us, here is everything we ordered. Rice and drinks included but not in the photos.
Sotong Goreng - crispy deep-fried baby squid
Chili Crab - mud crabs stir-fried in a thick savory tomato and chili sauce
Chicken Satay - seasoned grilled chicken meat

Lastly, another must-try in Singapore is their chicken rice meal. I got to try it at the airport while waiting for my flight back to the Philippines.
Singapore Chicken Rice - chicken cooked in broth and rice served with 
garlic  paste and chili sauce

My favorites would have to be the Sotong Goreng and the Hokkien Mee. I loved how flavorful the Sotong Goreng is and how crispy the squid is. It goes really well with rice and even on its own. Hokkien Mee, while it is still noodles, has that unique taste that I haven't tried before. I am very allergic to seafood though, so I had to take some anti-allergy meds after eating this dish.

I definitely loved the food in Singapore. The food was savory and there was a fusion of different flavors. While they serve a lot of their dishes with chili paste or chili sauce, it is optional. The servings were huge. They say that the dishes are good for only one person but for someone with an appetite like mine, they can be shared. Before my trip, a lot of people told me that the food is expensive but it really depends on where you'll be eating. There are plenty of options that you're sure to find a restaurant or place that fits your budget, so it will always be a matter of choice. My tip is to splurge on food once or twice just to get that full experience, then spend less on other meals. Like I said, the servings are big so you definitely won't go hungry. :)

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