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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hair care is an essential part of a girl's life. It is not enough to simply wash one's hair everyday. Us, girls, need other hair care products, apart from shampoo, to keep our locks healthy. 

I, for one, have had undergone several treatments for my hair. Although I've never had it rebonded or relaxed, I've had my hair dyed and bleached many times. I've been a brunette and a red head, and I've even had the ombre hair color for quite some time. Now, I'm back to my natural color but I'm sporting a relatively shorter do so I always blowdry my tresses to give it some shape and body. On days when I'm not feeling too lazy, I sometimes curl my hair. Because I always feel the need to style it, I think there's just no escaping products and treatments that could damage my hair. Thus, I give it the extra care that it needs and it so deserves. 

Aside from shampoo, a staple in my daily hair care routine is conditioner. I condition my hair everyday so it doesn't look and feel dry. I also use a conditioning treatment once a week. This one's different from my daily conditioner. This is to repair damaged hair caused by styling products and tools like hair dryer and curling or straightening iron. I'm no expert, but these two regimens are what I would recommend since they have always worked for me. 

Now, it's just a matter of choosing the product that you think is best for you. It would all depend on what your hair really needs. Like, for example, you need more volume or you need to tame your tresses or you need something that would remedy hairfall. For this, I would recommend that you check out the hair products at Zalora. They have a huge array of hair care products that you're sure to find one that would suit you and your needs. Keep your hair healthy with hair products from Zalora. Check out their store now. :)

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