Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I love love love a good pizza and pasta combination, don't you? And Amici's menu offers just that. From delectable thin crust pizzas to yummy flavorful pastas. They also offer other dishes that are just as delicious.

I have tried their pizza a few years back and it was for take-out. Then recently, I got the chance to dine there with my family. We went to the branch that is closest to our place - the one along Arnaiz Ave. Here's what we ordered.
Mediterranean Blue Cheese and Walnut Salad - Php.238
Trio Platter - Php.488
Pepperoni and Three Cheese Pizza - Php.405
 Liguine al Prosciutto e Tartufo - Php.305
Margherita - Php.318

The Trio Platter consists of the three house favorites for appetizers: Italian Cheese, Mozzarella Fritto, and Chicken Tenders, served with honey mustard dip and tangy pomodoro dip. Everything that we ordered was sooo delicious. My personal faves were the Trio Platter and the Margherita. I couldn't get enough of the chicken tenders when dipped in the honey mustard sauce. I loved that their pizzas were not at all greasy. Also, the flavors seemed to burst without being too overwhelming. 

Overall, I had a very satisfactory dining experience at Amici. With great food and good service, it is an awesome place to dine in. For more info, check out Amici's website here. :)

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