Run United 1 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Last Sunday, the Run United 1 was held. It is one of the most highly anticipated running events here in the Philippines. It is one of those events where slots are usually sold out very quickly, both online and in stores. It's like when in-store registration opened, runners were rushing and clamoring to the store going all "Spartaaaaa!" just so they can get their slot. Okay, okay, I'm kidding about the Sparta part. Hahaha! That was OA but I'm sure you get my drift when I say that it is really one of those must-join race events here.

For this, I signed-up for the 21km category. Last year, I was short of one medal to complete the trilogy because I failed to register on time for RU1, which made me very bitter about this event. So bitter to the point that I cried my eyes out to sleep. LOL, kidding again. So this year, I made sure to register early and I did it on the first day of online registration being all ~abangers~ on my phone while I was at a family reunion. 

Race day came and I was excited as hell. Also, I was a bit drunk because I attended a wedding the night before, and I had one too many drinks for someone who has a half-marathon the next day. Note to self: have more self-control. With less than two hours of sleep before the event, I took a cold shower and drank a bottle of energy drink to wake myself up. I came to the venue less than an hour before the gun start so I had very little time to prep. I took a packet of GU gel, hydrated myself and did some warm-up stretches quite quickly, and chatted the time away with my team mates while waiting for the gun start. There were too many participants this year. To be honest, all my excitement was gone after the first wave has started (I was  on the second one) and I really just wanted to get it over with. The first fifteen kilometers went by uneventful. I stuck to my usual 4:1 technique while on my usual pace of 6 to 7-ish per km (I think). Then I got excited again when I saw that I could break my PR so picked up my pace. Throughout the entire course, I skipped most hydration stations except the last three. I sprinted during the last kilometer and that did it. I felt sick to my stomach and nearly threw up. Just nearly. But thank goodness I didn't or that would have been a huge disaster. Hahaha!
Photo Credits: Nald Taz
btw, I think this all-black running OOTD rocks, haha
Nike top and shorts
Zensah compression calf-sleeves
Asics Gel-Kayano 20 running shoes
Run TBR visor

I managed to find only a couple photos of me because I avoided most of the photographers since other runners were crowding them. Oh, the things I do for PR. Haha. But it was sooo worth it because I managed to break it and even made it to sub-2:30. Yes, I finally broke that sub-2:30 barrier which was a big deal for me because I used to be really slow. It was totally unexpected.

Overall, the event was good. There was nothing new with the race route, same old same old. Lots of hydration stations and marshals. Lots of porta-potties along the way, although I really have no use for them but I figured I'd mention it. The finishers shirt is very nice and of good quality. The medal was nice too. I love its design. It is engraved and a bit heavy, but far better compared to my other 21k medals. All was very well-organized. But then again, such can only be expected of Unilab and Runrio as they have already set that standard for running events. Kudos to them! :)
rank: 1495th out of 4574 runners, official chip time: 2:28:14

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