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Two days before a race, I usually go on carbo-loading meals to prep my body for the event. So yesterday night, I was supposed to go on this buffet thing with running team mates for carbo-loading. But since none of them showed up, I ended up having dinner with another runner friend.

We decided to try out J.Boy Japanese Fast Food Shop in Makati. There is one on our office building but I never had the chance to try it there. 
Pork Katsudon
 Japanese Variety Bento Box

He had the pork Katsudon and I forgot to ask him how it was for this blog's sake. I obviously had the Bento box which has rice, this sort-of fish fillet thing with mayo, gyoza, crab sticks, meat drench in some sweet BBQ-ish sauce, and those two on the upper right which looked like some sort of salad. Quite a lot, huh? But hey, I was starving! My order also came with a small bowl of miso soup. I finished almost everything except the two on the upper right because I didn't know what they're called and I'm a picky eater sometimes. Which is weird for someone who blogs about food. Anyway, I was satisfied with my order. The fish and meat things were actually delicious. The crab stick was sooo bitin. Overall, the food was good and the service was okay.

J.Boy is located along Metropolitan Ave. near Chino Roces in Makati. For more information on their food and other locations, visit their website here.

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