La Union Getaway

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In my previous post, I wrote a review about Sebay Surf Resort where I stayed the last weekend of November. Now here comes the fun part as I give you a quick photo diary of what went down in La Union.

Okay, so JC, one of his friends, and I left Manila in the wee hours of Friday the 28th. We rode a car driven by JC's friend and it was a good seven hour drive to San Juan, La Union with a few stops along the way. Just for a quick background, San Juan is known as the surfing capital of La Union with its nice beaches with waves perfect for surfing. We arrived at around noon, had lunch and finally checked in at Sebay Surf Resort. We did not plan on surfing that day so JC and I just spent the afternoon having drinks in the restaurant, walking along the beach and taking some photos. I also did some frolicking in the shallow waters.
Gunther, the pet dog of model and pro-surfer Luke Landrigan

Because I was tired, I pretty much slept through the whole night. More friends came later that night and then early the next morning.

Day two. We had a quick breakfast in the restaurant, changed into our swimsuits and rash guards, and we were ready to hit the waves.
 obligatory picture-taking by the beach before surfing, first with JC and then with the girls

Okay, so this wasn't exactly my first time to surf. My first time was during my trip to Baler in 2012 which I blogged about here. But since that was two years ago, I felt the need to get an instructor because I didn't feel confident in my surfing knowledge. Haha! And I was really scared that I won't be able to stand on the board.

board rental costs Php.200 per hour with an additional fee of Php.200 if you're going to get an instructor
learning the basics, or in my case re-learning the basics
about to hit those waves, and that's Kuya Ray, my surfing instructor
looking and feeling like a pro

Big thanks to JC for taking our photos while we were surfing. I had a lot of photos to upload but I am not going to post them here because umaygad. Hahaha. After our surfing lessons, I felt a bit tired and a lot thirsty because the sun was scorching that day. Also, our lessons ended at around noon so there. We had a quick lunch in the nearby town of San Fernando, La Union, and afterwards rested for a bit. During the afternoon, I decided to just chill and relax on the beach while I watch JC and the others surf.  

For dinner, we went to this popular restaurant, called Midway Grill, which is located in San Fernando. I will make a foodie blog post about that later on so just stay tuned, okay? 

On our third day and last day, JC and I went for a morning swim and the did some last minute picture taking on the beach before getting ready and packing up. We checked out of the resort around noon and finally headed home to Manila, which pretty much concluded our surf weekend. So to end this blog post, here is a breath-taking photo of the La Union sunset which I took during our second day. Hope you enjoyed this post! :)


  1. Uh oh.. I don't know Midway Grill even though I know the city and the province. :D Wow the last picture is nice.. :)