Rexona Run to Your Beat 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last Sunday, I finished another half-marathon during the Rexona Run to Your Beat 2014. I can remember it clearly as if it was just yesterday when I ran my very first 10k race during the Rexona Run to Your Beat 2013. And now, a year after, here I am - just finished my 7th half-marathon and preparing to run my first full marathon in four months (eep!). Oh how time flies! 

Rexona Run to Your Beat is one of those events that I was looking forward to this year. It was because I had such a great experience last year that I couldn't wait for this year's instalment. Little did I know that I would end up a wee bit disappointed.

I started off not-so-well in the race. I felt a sharp stab of pain in my right knee and both of my legs were cramping within in the first kilometer. Needless to say, I was walking during the first two kilometers. Boohoo. But I eventually recovered and was able to stick to my 4:1 plan, while running on all of uphell parts (and yes, I am immensely enjoying uphells now). I finished with an official time of 2:49:09, which is well outside my PR. Which somehow made me regret not enjoying those tunnels that they have set-up. For one, I did not bring my phone with me to take photos with because I really do not like bringing stuff when I run. And second, I really just wanted to finish the race as fast as I can, period.
 with the race bib inside my shirt, thus the weird square thingy there

Okay, let me start with the medal. The medal was really and utterly disappointing. As you can see, the design was just printed and it looks like the medal was cut in a rather messy way. Last year, the design was engraved. Also, the loot bag contained fewer stuff compared to last year's loot bag. Okay, so I didn't join for the loot bag but hey, I'm just saying. 

However, there were more tunnels compared to last year's race and I can say that they did go all out designing those tunnels. That's one good thing. Aaand can I just say that I was a teensy bitsy thrilled upon seeing Spongecola perform because I was a huge fan of the band during my high school days. So that's two. Of course, as Runrio events go, they are really well organised from start to finish. So there. :)

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