Milo APEX Running School and Road to Milo Marathon

by - 8:16 AM

I've been running for almost a couple of years now, and I've joined a handful of fun runs and four half-marathons. This year, I'm planning to run the Milo Marathon 2014 under the 21km category. Compared to other running events, this one has the shortest cut-off time. For the 21km category, runners should finish the race in 2 hours and 30 minutes or less in order for them to get the medal. The Milo Marathon 2014 is set to take place on 27th of July this year for its Manila leg. And to reach the cut-off time, my dear readers, would be my biggest challenge to date.

You see, my current record for a 21km race is 02:42:++ which is relatively slow for my age. Or at least for the age bracket that I belong to. I'm only 20 something years old, heh. Shedding off 12 minutes or more from my personal record is serious business. As a runner with asthma and a slight overweight problem, I often encounter difficulties when running long distances that hinder me from finishing the race faster. This is why in order for me to reach that 2:30:00 cut-off, I need to train harder and more intensively than I used to. Aaand as part of my preparation for the Milo Marathon Manila eliminations, I have decided to sign-up for the Milo APEx Running Clinic.

The Milo APEX Running School offers a program that encompasses injury prevention, strength and conditioning workouts, running drills, and recovery and injury rehabilitation training. So it is not just pure running. I've read some reviews about it and all of them were good. One blogger even posted the drills that they did during the 7th season and boy, they were intense. I feel like running in the opposite direction right now… Nah. Just kidding! I'm actually feeling really, really excited about this that I can't wait to start.

I'll let you in on my journey to reaching my goal so you can expect that I'll be posting a lot about my experiences in Milo APEX Running School. It starts next week. Hurray! For more information, you can visit this website here: :)

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