Havana in Changkat

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If you plan to visit Malaysia, you should not miss out on going to Bukit Bintang. Bukit Bintang is the shopping and entertainment district of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This area in KL is said to popular among both tourists and locals, especially among the younger crowd. I actually did lots of my shopping there but that's another story.

In Bukit Bintang, there is Changkat which is considered as the upscale gastronomy district. The street is lined with fine dining restaurants, and it is also said to be home to Kuala Lumpur's hippest party venues. This is where my friends and I went partying that one night I went out while I was in MY. We went to this bar called Havana, which was recommended by one of my friends who has been living in Malaysia for a few years now.
with college friends
Crispy Calamari Rings - RM 22.00

Nachos with Beef Chili - RM 28.00
Pitcher of Margarita - RM 80++
Potato Fries
 Bucket of Carlsberg - RM 70++
and some stranger joined us for this photo, haha

I had a blast that night. I can say that the night did live up to my expectations of having a good time. The food was yummy, especially the nachos and the calamari rings. The cocktails were a bit strong, so haha. Some caution there. The crowd in Havana was great, lots of tourists like myself. And of course the night wouldn't be complete without awesome music. From oldies to upbeat, modern tracks, it's like they've played everything and I enjoyed it. 

So if ever you're around Kuala Lumpur and looking to have a great time, I would definitely recommend this place. :)

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